Let's Build A Piece Of History!

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What We Have To Offer

Purchase highly detailed CAD drawings on prints or CD-ROM (.pdf format) that contain rendered isometric or 3-D views of all parts, to build a historically detailed 1/3 scale model of a Colt 1874 Gatling Gun. Simple lathe and mill work, no complicated parts. No castings necessary. On hand or easily obtained materials of steel, brass or bronze, in their proper places. Barrel sources and materials are listed in the plans. We scaled down a full size for reference. Basic plans include, gun with tripod, single column gravity feed magazine, also high capacity Broadwell feed drum, featuring 16 stations of 14 rds. each for a total of 224 rds. Deluxe plans include all of the above and the field carriage plans, complete.

D&E Model Drawings have developed a scaled down version of the historic Broadwell Feed system, which was used on the 1871 to 1884 Gatling Guns. The scaled down version is accurately reproduced to fit and function on all .22 caliber models. It was tested on guns made by several builders, including Dale Detrict, and reported no problems, with flawless function. All plans from D&E include the Broadwell feed at no extra cost. CAD plans for the Broadwell feed can be ordered separately at $12.95 and postage. It will adapt to all .22 caliber models of any origin. It consists of 16 stations of 14 rounds each for a total of 224 rounds. No castings necessary, just brass or bronze bar stock.

We are truly proud of our product and have sold so many copies over the past 25 years that we can not recall how many we have sold.  All we know is that we keep getting emails saying thank you and that our plans are enjoyed world wide.

Douglas Schneider

Inventor, Tool & Die Maker, and Engineer.

He possessed a high knowledge of gatling guns, their history, mechanical function, and development. He had also manufactured parts for and repaired the full-sized models. While owning a full-sized model, he began developing the small scale model in 1950. He is now happy to share these unique plans with you!